Let’s grow old together. You go first!

This was the Prince William I wanted to date when I was in school. The one I used to collect pictures of. The one I thought was the epitome of charisma and charm. He was. Well. Royal.

Cut to today.

This is the Prince William now. Old, balding, uncharsimatic. Your average joe. A very rich average joe. And definitely not someone I would collect pictures of.

Teenage is long gone. (Definitely not the) first sign of ageing. At least I am not the only one getting old. When I said (in my head) that I wanted to grow old with Prince William, I didn’t know it would happen this soon, and this much!

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10 Responses to Let’s grow old together. You go first!

  1. Ramya says:

    Oh yeah! I had a major crush on Prince William when I was in school. He was the star of my fantasies. Now, its just embarrassing. Sigh!


  2. Meghpeon says:

    OMG! I didn't know he had grown old like this! I mean THIS way!


  3. OMG! No, you didn't–want to date apna William in school, I mean!
    I did too :)


  4. Chinkurli says:

    I think he's overtaking you :P look at him!


  5. Sighhh…i remember him so brave so handsome at his mom's funeral..i plotted in my mind how i would marry him

    Ummm..>Thank god my day dreams never come true


  6. DI says:

    Thankfully, I never ever had a thing for the prince! I don't know, something to do with the blondeness (going on to baldness) I guess! ;)


  7. PURN!MA says:

    hahahahaha.. I liked this idea.. I'm thinking of flicking this crush before and after wala idea. I have mine too. :D wait for it! ;)


  8. Searcher says:

    Sigh. Another boy/man i want to have nothing to do with anymore.


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