Woodstok – perfect for a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon

 Gloat alert – This was one of the featured reviews of the week on Burrp.com. Right here!

Woodstok had been on my wishlist for a very long time. I am glad though that I went there only yesterday. The weather in Bangalore these days is just right for a place as pretty as this. Woodstok is cafe restaurant cum patisserie in a bungalow in the middle of a residential colony in Domlur. The location is perfect, easy to locate and yet in a quiet corner in the middle of lush greens.

We had booked a table on the terrace. But the rest of the restaurant seemed so pretty that we eventually ended up sitting inside, also because the music was great. Mainly pop rock. The decor is very contemporary with a little bit of bistro feel thrown in. What surprised me a lot was how a single restaurant had a little bit of alfresco, some inside seating, tables on the terrace – there is no lack of options. The menu is equally eclectic.

They have happy hours during lunch and it brought us a lot of happiness. Obvious pun intended. We started our meal with Fosters and Vegetarian Woodstok Platter – baked jacket potatoes with cheese, onion rings, and what they call cheesy soldiers, served with three different kinds of sauce. The platter was mindblowing, like most unhealthy things are. Am I complaining? Not really. For maincourse we ordered a chicken steak caroline sizzler (the order or words may not be accurate) and a smoked wood oven pizza. The sizzler came with the option of mushroom or pepper sauce, and French Fries or mashed potatoes. We chose pepper sauce and fries. The sizzler was brilliant. Every flavour stood out and how! I would suggest  steering clear of the pizza, in spite of the hype. The base was not soft and had very little sauce on it. Avoidable, because it is definitely not worth the price.

We obviously couldn’t even think of dessert after a meal as huge as this. But we did get some mud cake packed from the patisserie downstairs – Cream & Crust. And it was sinful. That says it all, doesn’t it?

The restaurant needs to work on the speed of service and the quality of pizzas. But for most part, the place is perfect. There was not much I did not like about Woodstok, including the ‘men’ and ‘women’ sign on the loo – classy hats and shoes! And on my next shopping spree I am going to hunt for beer mugs like the one I saw in the restaurant today. On the left is the only picture I could click before I got extremely engrossed in the food.

The entire meal including mud cake set us back by Rs 1585. Well worth it, especially the ambiance, the location, and the Woodstok platter. And the happy hours. And the sizzler. And dessert. Woodstok gets a 4 on 5 from me. -1 for pizza. A word of advice to people going to this place for the first time – book your table in advance. The place was full even after 5 pm when we crossed that part of the city again on our way back from some shopping.

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