Friendship day

A long time ago, there was an entity called “us”. 6 people – as different as chalk and cheese, not meant to befriend each other in the “real world”. But the lameness around us, made us friends. We bonded over making fun of that lameness.

7 years ago, we went trekking to mystery hills with the “Studs” and secretly, couldn’t believe our luck. 6 years ago we treated ourselves to McDonald’s and some movie. 5 years ago, we spent a lot of time on the phone. 4 years ago we exchanged sms.

And then I think we grew up. Became ourselves again. Bonded again with people outside of “us” without the intense need to belong with each other amidst the “lameness”. But it is funny that I am thinking about “us” on Friendship Day, probably only because my memory of friendship days is in those photographs and all the lame things we did to “celebrate”. We even cut cakes and ate chips and dip once! I think even our first discotheque outing was on Friendship Day, in the afternoon no less!

And they say nothing lasts forever. Because it doesn’t! I have made friends, I have revived friendships that existed before “us”. And I like it that there is never any intense need with the ones that have stayed on, to prove “friendship”. No routine phone calls, no scheduled meetings. Just knowing we are friends and we are around. Common everyday bonding, picking up from where we left off. Every time. Some of you secretly, and some of you not-so-secretly, read this blog, and a couple of you are forced into it :P And I hope you know you are among the people I am talking about. And no, I will NOT “wish” you. I am not lame anymore.

I LOVE growing up, thank God for small mercies!

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6 Responses to Friendship day

  1. Gawd! I am going to cry now…come to mumbai soon…!!! I loved It!!! Muaahhhh…!!!!


  2. Tamanna says:

    Nautanki re :P Muaaaahs and all to you too :D


  3. piyu says:

    I will wish you a very lame belated Happy Fraandship Day :D


  4. Arunima says:

    hey, this is an amazing post. i also had the “us” syndrome and grew up and grew out of it.


  5. Arunima says:

    hey, this is an amazing post. i also had the “us” syndrome and grew up and grew out of it.


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