Wind of change

Staying in on a Thursday.
Adrak ki chai.
Pyaaz pakoda.
Baadalon se kaat kaat ke.

What was just grey, gloomy weather yesterday is The Wind Of Change now.

Song of the moment – Tum aa gaye ho, noor aa gaya hai. The why bit here is a story for another day.

Kahaan se chale kahaan ke liye ye khabar nahi thi magar…

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6 Responses to Wind of change

  1. Preeti says:

    “Kahaan se chale kahaan ke liye ye khabar nahi thi magar” – I absolutely dote on those lines! Always!
    And wow! With that combination od Pakoda, rains and Gulzar, I can imagine what a serene mood you must be in!
    Hope today is even better! :)


  2. DI says:

    Wow! If that was Thursday, how would Friday be?
    Lucky girl :D Have a great weekend!


  3. piyu says:

    :) :)
    Happy weekend!


  4. austere says:

    Gulzar, chai and baarish… life is on even keel.


  5. ..Koi bhi sira jahaan ja mila, waheen tum miloge.

    Ah, a beautiful song. I heart your music. The other day you put me in a Floyd mood, and now this.


  6. Tamanna says:

    @Preeti, getting there :)

    @DI, Friday is just as awesome. I stayed in today too :P

    @Piyu, :) :) what you grinning at? ;)

    @Austy, I think so :D

    @Smartie, thank you ji! Hanging by the moment too, eh? ;)


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