Fools rush in..

It is raining disappointment around me. All my plans are crashing around me and the God of luck is laughing in my face.

And yet, I am surprisingly upbeat for most part, if you ignore the denial-anger-acceptance-moving on cycle that is. I am no stranger to disappointment after all. Ironically, I saw 3 Idiots just yesterday. That light at the end of the tunnel. That dark night just before dawn. I am an eternal optimist in the garb of a realist. That is me. That is how it will be.

Fools, they say, rush in where angels fear to tread.

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4 Responses to Fools rush in..

  1. piyu says:

    Hang in there dear. Hugs!


  2. DI says:

    Happens! That's all I can say :)And yes, this too, shall pass!


  3. austere says:

    well. hurts like hell.

    and saw 3 i but missed the last part cause it rained. ad the dish conked out.


  4. Tamanna says:

    Thanks ladies :)


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