Of books. Movies. Easy Chicken curry. And other such banalities

At long last, I finished reading Madhav Mathur’s The Diary of an Unreasonable Man. Actually “at long last” is just for the added effect. This is one book I finished the fastest in the last couple of years. Why I have become a slow reader, is a story for another day. Back to this book, I was extremely skeptical about it, mainly because how far fetched, Rang De Basanti-ish the plot sounded. But I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it. If you have been working for a couple of years, been wondering why you aren’t making the kind of difference to the world that you once, at 21, associated with becoming “independent” and minting (ha!) money, this book is for you. Or not. You also need to be patient, believe in shallow revenge (cow dung on expensive cars is not my idea of a well thought, intense revolution, but it’s fun!), and in the mood for “far fetched”. Now don’t get me wrong. My life revolves around shallowness and “far fetched” and often, revenge, so obviously in my dictionary, these are quintessentially good adjectives. It is a fun read, although I don’t see myself quitting “real” work to bring in any kind of revolution. The book doesn’t speak of anything that you and I don’t speak of everyday, albeit in our cozy living rooms, and with no cow dung around to spoil the party. Consumerism, mall culture, why the cars we drive and the machines we own have become factors that guide whether or not we have arrived in life. Whatever happened to living simple. To the deserving making it big in life. What is “making it big in life” anyway? So yes, the book sure is close to our reality. But this is where the “reality” bit ends. But at least the book is not a documentary on the faults of urban living. Overall a fun read, mainly on flights and loos. What? You want a review? I am not qualified to give you one. Read it to find out! I liked it. At least 10 times more than Eat, Pray, Love. Now on to the next book about corporate rut – Sidin Vadukut’s Dork: The Incredible Adventures of Robert Einsein Verghese. At this rate, I am soon going to be on my way to the Himalayas. Away from MY corporate rut. Or so you would think. Sigh!

Anyway I did start watching Heroes after wondering what the fuss was about. In fact I finished a whole season. And no, I still don’t know what the fuss was about. Just like I don’t know why people love Harry Potter and Twilight so much. Heroes is way beyond imagination. And not in a good way. Too many superheroes, too much fantasy. The men are cute though. And no, I am not going to watch another season. Excuse me while I return to the 5th season of Frasier. It’s real. I have always suffered the underdog syndrome, I like Frasier Crane more than any superhero. Krrrish included :P

I am back from a tragic-comic movie outing – I Hate Love Stories (I refuse to spell it incorrectly.) What on earth was it? I liked the movie, I haven’t seen a love story I didn’t like. But IHLS was extremely amusing, and not always intentionally. What can I say that hasn’t been said before. Except don’t believe all the reviews you read. The movie was actually fun. Shallow, almost stupid, but fun. But someone tell Sonam Kapoor she is not half as pretty as she thinks. So she can really, really drop the pretty damsel act and start being a little more.. I don’t know.. Human? Imran Khan is the show stopper. Someday I want a son like him. Bah! I am getting old!

What’s for dinner tonight? The Easy Chicken Curry. I don’t think this recipe exists anywhere. It is some random things done to the very normal chicken curry recipe you read in most places, to make sure the cooking time doesn’t exceed 15 minutes. And it is.. Err.. Healthier? Not a Bihari recipe by the way. Although it can pass off as Dehati Chicken. What? There actually is a chicken recipe that is called that. I found out only a couple of weeks ago. Coming back to my recipe, here you go..
Curd – 1 cup
Beans – 100 grams
Catch chicken masala
Ginger garlic paste
Chilli powder
Coriander powder
Garam masala
Cumin powder
Dhaniya (to garnish.. Heh!)
And chicken of course. 500 grams. Serves two adults who like to overeat, this dish.

Whenever you have a few minutes during the day, marinate clean pieces of chicken in curd, ginger garlic paste, haldi, and chilli powder. Refrigerate the marinade. This recipe is pressure cooked, so make sure the pressure cooker is free and clean.

20 minutes before you sit down for the meal, saute jeera and small pieces of onion in mustard oil, add the beans and fry for a few minutes. Then add a little haldi, a teaspoon of chicken masala, some coriander powder, garam masala, and cumin powder. Pretend to fry the masala a little, just in case someone told you you weren’t doing it right :P

Add the marinade, mix well. Cook the mixture for 4 seetis – the first one on high flame, the rest on low flame. Do NOT add water if watery chicken curry is not your idea of home cooked food and you liked it only during desperate hostel days. Of course I am speaking from experience!

Garnish the chicken curry with coriander (not the powder, the leaves) because trust me it will not look even half as nice as it will taste. Serve with steamed rice. This is Good food. Also because it hardly involves any effort. I might put a picture here later. Or maybe not!

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