In the name of God

Years ago someone told me Pink Floyd is God. It’s not the first time today that I have realised how true this is. There hasn’t been, and there never will be another Pink Floyd. I don’t know ANY classic that is as classic as Floyd.

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8 Responses to In the name of God

  1. and since they came around we have been comfortably numb


  2. Prateek Sur says:

    try out BSB..back street boys..u'll forgrt pink floyd


  3. @Austy, Beatles brilliant. But PF takes all your senses in control with their music..Music, lyrics.. Everything. I LOVE them!

    @Prateek, you are kidding, right? :)


  4. DI says:

    Hahahaha! Mad you are! Were you high when you posted this ;)?
    Anyway, The Dude thinks Floyd is God too, and on Saturday we were at this concert where the band did some good Floyd! Was fun :)

    @Prateek If The Dude sees this comment, he will set fire to blog world! :D I sure am hoping you're kidding too!


  5. @DI, heh heh! I was. Very very very :P Btw babe.. Was that band called Think Floyd? I am desperately waiting for them to come to Bangalore but they seem to stick with the bada shehers :((

    @Prateek, really. Tell us. Please!


  6. Ah! Floyd's my God too. Led Zep and U2 too, but Floyd is my go-to folder for times when I'm alone at home with only the music.


  7. They are very good. And that's an understatement! And I think I overdid Led Zep a couple of years ago. Maybe it is time to go back!


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