What a time it was..

Time it was, and what a time it was, it was 
A time of innocence, a time of confidences

I had brought back a really old CD case from Bombay when I went there last. I finally went through its contents yesterday and what I found in a CD dated 8th Jan, ’05 – folders called “arbit crap” and “more arbit crap”, ebooks of Ayn Rand and DBC Pierre, all versions of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door ever released, Pacman, Metallica.. 10 years of C&H. And 4 of Dilbert. And Winrar :-) And smudged handwriting on the CD that claimed that the best things in life come free. I couldn’t agree more.

And the memories it brought back… Of a time less complicated. Of the bonds made and broken. Of free pizzas. Of the drives to Sinhgad and FC Road for kulfi and bhajiya. Of KP and Osho and awe. Of German Bakery. Of shopping during sale, dividing the cost of 2 pe ek free kurtas and T shirts. Of drunken nights out and farji signatures and flipping out on Floyd and men who sang Floyd.

Of the hostel room.. The hostel corridors, and the many fights and heartbreaks and arguments and night long conversations it saw. Of champi nights. And crazy nights. And nights turning to mornings turning to afternoons of no sleep. Of print outs and submissions. And treks. And friendship days. And birthday celebration. And the mean warden. Jai Bihar vs rest of the country. OMS vs Maharashtra. Par charcha.

Of fetishes and failures and placements and just making it to 1st class. Chai and Parle G. Spellings. “Cuisines”. Learning to rock. Six seaters. Bandit queens. Rickety bikes and open jeeps and broken Santros. And hitchhiking. And road trips. And NDA Road. NC ki coffee. Masala Maggi. Wasting prep leave, mugging endless 8056 programs. Stupid profs. Making it to every notice put up up on the board – short attendance, flunking internals, acing theory papers, college magazine lists, hostel indiscipline, not paying the mess anna for over 2 months.

What nostalgia! Reading my posts from 2004-2005 is not helping much. Oh and I used to write “anassuming” then. And many posts on loneliness. And confusion. And teenage angst. And not knowing one thing I really wanted to do in life. Or didn’t. And engineering graphics. The just one chapters. Love lines, triangles, squares, circles. The chaos.

I choose to remember the positives :-)

Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph 
Preserve your memories; they’re all that’s left of you

So I leave you with a photograph. Hostel room. 2004.

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9 Responses to What a time it was..

  1. DiDo says:

    i always wanted to experience the hostel life but neva got a chance.. nevertheless, college life is always funn and it always makes one emotional …miss them too :(


  2. DI says:

    Surprisingly, I was doing the very same thing this saturday, looking through an old CD full of silly presentations, music, pictures from hostel. Sigh! :D


  3. DI says:

    Surprisingly, I was doing the very same thing this saturday, looking through an old CD full of silly presentations, music, pictures from hostel. Sigh! :D


  4. piyu says:

    College life. Sigh. I am a fan of ebooks too :)


  5. @DiDo, hostel was fun! But we were still jealous of the day scholars.. They always got better food :P

    @DI, sigh indeed :D

    @Piyu, I am not a fan of ebooks – my friend had gifted those to me. I prefer paperbacks anyday :)


  6. austere says:

    anyways, your room is neater than mine ever was. 1987-89.
    FB friends notwithstanding, no way I want to go back.
    What's OMS?


  7. @austy, me neither. i definitely don't want to go back :)) OMS=outside maharashtra students.. may their tribe increase :P


  8. Pallavi says:

    hahaha and its so nice seeing you wizened up.. :)


  9. I prefer paperbacks too, but then its not like I cannot read without paperbacks. So the love for ebooks. If I feel the urge to read a book, I can just download it and read it immediately, unlike the traditional way of waiting to buy it.

    I read The Godfather on my comp, it was so much fun!!! Could not bear to get up from there even for a second.

    More recently, I have been reading Meg Cabot, lovely chick lit!


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