Of good food and the cliché called "click of a button"

You know how everyone has a friendly neighborhood home delivery restaurant for emergency meals at the end of a very hectic day at work, a friend coming over at meal time, or a lazy Sunday night with not much cash at home? Wang Chu (Indian Chinese cuisine, of course :-)) on Airport Road is one such place for us. I am sure not too many places in Bangalore make the kind of Bihari-Indian mish-mash Chinese food, that that us small town folks grew up on (a la  Banjara Van, Maurya Lok, Patna), but if you live in Airport Road, get nostalgic about that Chinese food, and are tired of restaurants more often than not refusing to deliver, and are hungry for huge portions of food, call Wang Chu on 080 2523 8800, 99860 07588, 93431 11889. They never say no. And their food is really that Chinese.

Oh and Papa John’s. I am surprised I hadn’t tried them until last weekend. When they say fresh dough, they deliver fresh dough. Brilliant toppings. A little more expensive than the Pizza Huts and Domino’s of the world, but not making tall claims of 30 minute delivery and still managing to deliver just in time and the sheer freshness is worth it.

Speaking of delivery, if you are just about venturing into ordering food online, please don’t start with Hungryzone – they have the potential to put you off ordering online forever. They are extremely unprofessional, not committed, rude, and I can tell you they have cancelled/ screwed up my orders more often than I have patience for. Fortunately I discovered Webdhaba in time. Every order is followed up with a call from a very friendly Ajay. And the delivery is always on time and never incorrect. Try them for parties. I recently did. Webdhaba ne izzat rakh li.

And another recommendation for ordering in – Foodiebay, for the menu of nearly every restaurant in town. I have never been disappointed. They have updated numbers, updated menus, and their database is HUGE.

Ok. I am done :-) Sometimes I think I take my job too seriously :P

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6 Responses to Of good food and the cliché called "click of a button"

  1. With a job like that, I'm not blaming ya :D


  2. Pallavi says:

    good options.. must check this out.. :)


  3. Pallavi says:

    good options.. must check this out.. :)


  4. Pallavi says:

    Papa Johns Sucks.. BTW.. did not like that at all.. Dominoes.. anyday..


  5. @AT, gloat gloat :P@Pallavi, really? You didn't like Papa John's? I loved them! Domino's is overdone now I guess!


  6. WebDhaba says:

    Tamanna thanks for your extremely kind comments regarding webdhaba and our 'friendly' service! – It's such comments that keeps us going strong. We do try very hard to ensure delivery comittments are not refused or goofed up on.. – for that simply can ruin a perfect evening for our users…Ofcourse at times we are really tested ! like when we get a v. small order from our regular customer/its raining/or restaurant has a shortage of delivery staff and refuse delivery !! it means cajoling or even pushing restaurants (at times escalating to thier owners or managers – who usually do support webdhaba & instruct thier teams to deliver ;-) Yet there have been orders where, we have doubled as delivery boys, rushed to pick up the food and delivered ourselves – we simply did not want to let you down. That was'nt any business – just a passion and comittment to respond to our customers trust! period. Hey but we have had our share of bad days too and have a long way to go ! Thanks again !


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