One for public viewing :D

My Dear Stud Boy,

Two letters in one month. Are we lucky or what!? :P

May the madness never end, may that charming smile always be in place, may the house always be full of all kinds of speakers and players and loud music and may you always hear every drop of falling water (that’s an analogy, of course!) in every movie you see, and may you never miss a single vivid colour on TV. May blu ray discs soon be available more widely in India, and may we go on a holiday every quarter without fail. May the bank account keep bloating in spite of all that, and may you never be anything less than “extremely satisfied” with your work. May we never run out of kuch meetha after every meal. May more people in Bangalore learn how to drive so you don’t lose your temper early in the morning and late in the evening, and may your wife start driving soon too. May your wife never, ever question the tradition of weekend karaoke at home because of the pleasures that come with it :D In short, may you always have everything you wish for, including a less whiny, lazy beewi.

Happy Birthday Stud Boy! Happiness. Always.

Loads of love,

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5 Responses to One for public viewing :D

  1. piyu says:

    Happy birthday to R!!!

    May all of what you've hoped for and lots more come true :)


  2. DI says:

    Happy budday to R! :D

    May he get all that you (and he) wishes for!


  3. Nu says:

    Aww..nice b'day wishes here :)

    Wishing R a happy wala budday ;)


  4. austere says:

    Happy Birthday, R.


  5. R says thank you :D


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