Dangling conversation – II

Have you ever been unpleasantly surprised by an exchange of words between two people who you know don’t see eye to eye, but choose to do so behind each other’s backs? Have you ever felt suffocated by such a conversation? Do the “awwwwwws!” and “wows!” and “oh how lovely you look” put you off like nothing else?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say. But some things, some people, nice as they might be, are not “hot”, or beautiful. Is it any short of an insult to call them beautiful/ gorgeous/ hot etc when you can just say they look nice/ smart or that you like their sense of humour/ style? Do they always have to revolve around appearances? Do compliments always have to be exaggerated? Does one always have to be saccharine sweet to estranged relatives and distant acquaintances?

Or is it just about scratching someone’s back, so they scratch yours some day?

Whatever happened to honest opinion? Or sincere compliments? Is it because we have spread ourselves too thin, and that when you see one million pictures of the same person (/people) a million times a year and are obliged to comment (compliment?), you begin to find words that don’t come to your head spontaneously? Is that what causes such exaggeration? Or such insincerity?

Isn’t it amazing how a language, any language, lets you express yourself, and yet lets you be so utterly, obviously insincere if you choose to?

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10 Responses to Dangling conversation – II

  1. piyu says:

    I have seen people do this, be sweet on the person 's face and bitch behind his/her back..

    Unfortunately or fortunately (not sure yet) I am not good at doing this stuff myself.. Usually shows on my face if I hate someone, and can't bear to make small talk.


  2. piyu says:

    I don't think it is a problem with the language.. it just allows a person to say what they want.. That is their purpose… feelings -sincere or insincere are need not be associated.


  3. I know re.. Me neither. It has got me into trouble too, but I just can't stand such conversation between two people I know. More if a person is just an acquaintance and goes on and on showering compliments on me or pretends to know me realllly well. It is one thing to be friendly, and another to be insincere.

    It annoys me and I just can't hide it – I guess I deliberately rub people the wrong way instead of showering insincere praise. Rubbing people the wrong way is a lot more fun :D


  4. So true, that language thing. It the “neeyat” that counts, not the language. My problem is not with the language, it just surprises me how the same language can be used to express opinions honestly or to be grossly dishonest about everything.

    Forget it.. I don't know what I am trying to say :P


  5. DI says:

    I had to read that twice! Yes, it is abugging to hear people say stuff, which you know for sure they don't mean. But kya karen, that's how it works!

    And yes, mutual backscratching,though annoying, is the norm of the day, so let it be! Don't ponder over it, think of something nicer? The weather may be?


  6. @DI, I love you :D :D And no, this is not one my insincere-statemet-making moment :D Yup, yup, I agree. And btw it's R's birthday tomorrow.. So I have a gazillion nice things to think of :D


  7. Nu says:

    you know even some day I try to fake my feelings my face will show it all ! I'll get caught so I keep my honesty on the top and then utter whatever I want to ;)

    But you know there are undesirable times when you have to digress from the real point..the honest feeling..which is the need of the moment…

    but some people has it in their nature..can't help !


  8. piyu says:

    Oh well, June seems to be a happy month for you guys. Have a blast :)

    And DI, how were your anniversary celebrations?


  9. DI says:

    :D Then good hai :D! *Hugs*

    Oh cool! Tomorrow is my anniversary too! Yay, we both celebrate! R ko Happy budday bolna!

    @Piyu :) Yes it is! Oh and the celebration was awesome, much needed, but it was a pre-celebration because we are not able to take tomorrow off :( But let's see what we do!


  10. Nu says:

    @DI: when was your anniversary ?? Mine was on 2nd :)

    June surely is a happy month it seems :)


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