The salon story

After 1 year of long aunty-like, plain, straight hair, I hunted online for good hair dressers in Bangalore. Don’t start rattling off names like Loreal Salon. Because they have 3 standard hair cuts that they do, no matter what you ask for and what they say. That is true at least for people with hair like mine.

I managed to find a salon called Chrysolite (080 25592957, Commercial Street, Bangalore) , although more people know the place by the name of the owner, Tracy. There were brilliant reviews about this place from 2003 all the way to 2010. I went there for a hair cut today, and I have come home feeling absolutely ecstatic. And I don’t often feel like this after a hair cut.

Tracy’s place is small and basic, but their service is absolutely brilliant. Tracy really listens to what you want, makes her suggestions, and then goes completely scissor happy, all the while happily talking to you about everything under the sun. It is not just the brilliant hair style that makes you happy at the end of a session with Tracy. It is her liveliness, friendliness (and not the shrewd type that most salon owners have when they want to fleece you off a few extra hundreds) and absolutely perfect customer service. Watch out for the tips she gives you to keep the bounce in your hair (or whatever hair gyaan you may need I guess). My new hair cut is fairly easy to maintain too. So I am quite sure it won’t be flat and plain all over again tomorrow.

If you are looking for a good hairdresser in Bangalore who will not charge you the moon and yet give you a hair style that is much better and more personalized than the plush international salons, I totally recommend Chrysolite. And you will come back generally happy and not just because of the hair cut.

Tracy, you get a 10 on 10 from me :-)

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4 Responses to The salon story

  1. austere says:

    photo photo!I'm tempted to cut off my very long, very aunty (but that's ok at 46), generally l'oreal's darkest brown but right now iffish silver braid.tempted.


  2. @Austy, zarror milegi photo aapko. Lekin FB par :)And yes, a good hair cut does wonders to the mood. But I don't think you do anything with the colour. I am waiting for the silver braid – I am not going to get rid of it once I have it. It looks really elegant :)


  3. Whoa! I got a haircut from Tracy's a couple of years back, and remembered how goooood it was – perhaps my last good haircut. Then I moved from Bangalore, and also forgot the name of the place.. only remembered it was a little off Commercial Street. And now, here it is. Chrysolite, aaah! I'm saving the number and you know where my next haircut is coming from. Growing it longer now, so the remnants of the last cut can .. you know.. GO AWAY! Thanks for this.PS: Reason #3742021 why I love blogging. Whowouldathunk!


  4. @Alec Smart, like they say.. Happy to help! :D


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