Of blogging, social networking, censorship, and pseudo researchers

Liking comments? Who asked for it on Facebook I wonder. Just how lazy do they want our children to be? Or how lazy do they want to make us? Who gives them such idiotic ideas? I couldn’t stand the “uber cute” “Likeyyy!!!” check box below posts that I see on so many blogs these days. And now this.
And when you add something to “interests” on your FB profile, they turn it into a page and then desperately keep suggesting the page to you until you join the page or throw the laptop away. No wonder so many people are now members of pages called “travling”, “khalil gibran”, “tokin on da fone”. Why don’t they just kill me instead?

It’s things like these that sometimes stop me dead in my tracks just when I think I am beginning to believe in oonchi soch like democracy and freedom of speech. But as long as Big Daddy Google (it turned out to be a spambot alright, but I still think it is a lame excuse for randomly deleting years of blogging and memories recorded with Blogger by people who brought in the trend in the first place) and this neo blogger called AbhiD (who recently threatened me on someone’s comment box that he will write about some of my posts in some thesis of a post he is doing on questionable content/ content in bad taste on various blogs. I am glad, the other bloggers that he is going to write about are celebrities in their own right. Although I do want to tell him that if research is such a passion for him, he should consider doing a REAL PhD. And no, I am not going to link him here until he does that post he was talking about. Then I will gloat. :D) are around, I don’t really need to worry. Censorship will survive.

One of these days I really want to do a post on the brief history of blogging. Those who didn’t blog when blogging was a novelty missed out on a lot of class and intelligence and brilliant writing, and a whole lot of fun. (Disclaimer – Please don’t sue me, I don’t mean blogs these days don’t spell class, intelligence, brilliant writing, and fun – I have 79 odd subscriptions on my reader). Just that in the era of blogging 1.0, I hadn’t come across any unreadable blogs/ weird bloggers, I do now.) Until then, bear with posts that don’t need much thought. And of course, the “questionable content”. LOL!

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8 Responses to Of blogging, social networking, censorship, and pseudo researchers

  1. piyu says:

    Love it hate it.. you admit you cannot do without FB :P

    That said.. I hate the way they have converted interests and schools and every other info on the profile, into pages really. That made me reduce all the info I added on FB to a minimum since I did not want to “like” these “pages” created for each.


  2. austere says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I created a wordpress blog right now— just in case.

    How can someone be as rude as telling you what to write? Coming to your page and commenting upon it, arbit?

    I guess all technology adaptions go through a bell shaped curve. Which is why we're getting the riffraffs now.
    And I don't care if that sounds arrogant.


  3. @Piyu, oh well you are right. I can't :P I have done that already. But now of course there's a new Patna page. And hajaar Bangalore pages. And all that. What the hell!! :( And no I am not AS pissed off as I sound :P

    @Austy, I think I am moving to WP too. Just that their interface is very different and I am so used to blogger in all these years. let's see. I did move from blogdrive to here, so it shouldn't be a problem.

    And no, AbhiD didn't comment on my blog. He commented on another blog that he is “covering in his thesis”. That's where he mentioned that my blog has SOME content in bad taste too :P

    Aur kya arrogance, Austy. At our age (blog wise that is), it is only fair that we take the liberty to trash all things modern, like our ancestors do in real life :P


  4. DI says:

    Arre, what is this? Do you know what rating the guy who suggested this 'novel' feature on FB would have have got this time? Che! :P

    And, you have been blogging for 7 years? Eep! That's more than me, old blogs ke link do na, please!

    Oh, and I TERRIBLY funked your test. took it twice, and the marks went down even further. I thought you couldn't take it twice, but it seems to work for me. Kya hai yeh?


  5. @DI, almost 7 years yes :D My blogging age will be 7 on Sep 4th :P Most of my blogs got deleted because I found them supremely precocious and annoying after I grew out of the phase in which I started each of them. Ek hai abhi bhi.. Really dumb. Link mail karti hoon. Will talk about the test offline ;)


  6. Hahaha (I'm scared to say LOL:)) – I know what you mean…if FB isn't bad enough, it's worse when people take the FB lingo outside FB! The most ewww comment I've seen – Meee likeyyyy!

    I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks – had to delurk to comment on this one :)


  7. @Madhu, I know what you mean, I think me likey hurts the most. LOL! (LOL is fine, right? I have been “saying” it before FB days :D)

    Thanks for visiting, I love your profile pic :)


  8. piyu says:

    Mujhe bhi old link chahiye.. mail please.


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