The ogling diaries – 1

As luck would have it, after quitting the company that we worked for, R and I now have offices right opposite to each other’s. So often when I go down for a quick break, I see him on the other side of the road. Talking and laughing and more often than not, dispensing gyaan. I have to say this, he really is the cutest! :P (That I am saying this one whole year after the big fat Bihari wedding doesn’t make you want to pull my leg, does it? If I were you, I would have. Mercilessly. But I don’t want a taste of my own medicine, thank you very much.)

This reminds me of many late afternoons in college, hanging around at random places in the campus after class, to ogle at the miniscule number of cute boys around. (Judge me if you have to – I was only normal. And I studied in an engineering college with too few normal men – most of them were either too dumb or too geeky.) So I go down for a break, my head about to burst because of the migraine, and I see my newfound (?) cute boy in his dark blue shirt, surrounded by a bunch of other people, my cute boy talking passionately about what I think is advertising and market research and statistics (which is a good thing because I am not particularly enthralled by his gyaan sessions – I don’t even understand half the things he says.) and I think to myself, “Not bad! Not bad at all!”

Who says you grow old/ boring/ unromantic/ stop doing stupid things after you get married? I, for one, don’t.

P.S. – Last night I saw the new Uninor ad and had a complete analysis ready for R while he munched on his bhindi masala. And boy was he impressed. With himself. For managing to get me interested in what has always been his domain in our household. I generally stick with whining and cribbing and talking about more important existential questions like “what the hell is wrong with the world”. (Exaggeration comes naturally to me, you must have figured that out by now.)

P.S. 2. I HAD to tell you this. I have already made it obvious that I find wedding invitation websites extremely cheesy. As if that is not all, I just saw one such website that said “We still didn’t knew it was fate trying to bring us together each time.” among other things. Needless to add, my red marker is at work.

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9 Responses to The ogling diaries – 1

  1. DI says:


    Too much mush ho gaya :D But I shall not pull your leg, because I have been guilty of such weird(?) behavior myself at times! Marriage increases the mush quotient by large quantites, I swear upon our 3 years minus one week! :D


  2. Ho gaya na bohot mush? :P And anniversary around the corner? Yayyy! And does that mean you will celebrate by the beach? Arrrgh! You lucky moron!!


  3. piyu says:

    Mushy mushy :)
    I won't pull your leg at all. Have such moments all the time despite the almost 5.5 years we've been together.. I think it'll keep on growing with time..

    The comfort level especially is awesome..

    And “didn't knew!” :) :)


  4. @Piyu, thank goodness I am not alone ;)


  5. Chinkurli says:

    I'm sorry, my mind just refuses to focus on anything apart from the “I didn't knew…”

    Oh and I hate wedding websites which narrate story in third person :-/


  6. @Chinkurli, I hate all kinds of wedding websites, forget those with such terrible english and other random BS. Except maybe one I got last month. Very understated, and thankfully it didn't have any story at all!

    Btw this new card even says “… we opened a champagne on our engagement and will open one on the wedding, so stay close to the couple blah blah blah..” such stupidity is beyond bitching too :D


  7. DiDo says:

    awww tht was sooo cuteee lolll … reminded me of college dayss :P


  8. @DiDo, that was the point.. College days :))

    @Austy, :)


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