Home is just a place..

Bombay has sea. And restaurants overlooking the sea. And amazing people.

Bangalore has R. And rains. And magical weather. And places like this.

Who do you think wins?


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6 Responses to Home is just a place..

  1. piyu says:

    I am too highly biased to answer you question. With a very good friend of mine shifting to Bangalore very soon, I guess I am gonna see very soon all this great stuff you keep making me jealous with, very soon.


  2. Piyu, keep me posted :)


  3. DI says:

    Bangalore anyday, the choice is obvious!

    I LOVE the sea, but not the weather it brings along, eep! If all goes well, this weekend I will be on a beach! :D Yay me!


  4. DI, which beach? where are u going? do a travelogue.. pliss pliss!


  5. austere says:

    :) Where the heart is…


  6. @Austy, righto! :))


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