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Thanks to Piyu and PNA, I finally got tagged. My FB connections know how much I love these things :D

1. Graduated high school. Sigh! I managed :P

2. Kissed someone. Haan bhai haan. I am happily married, remember?

3. Smoked a cigarette. Yessir.

4. Got so drunk you passed out. Yessir. Puked all over Pune station too. Enough to gross you out? :P

5. Rode every ride at an amusement park. Ya ya ya TOTALLY!

6. Collected something stupid. If only someone paid me a penny for every piece of “collectible” I own, I’d have at least gone on my Europe backpacking trip by now!

7. Gone to a rock concert. Yessir. Headbanged too ;)

8. Helped someone. You mean by trying to improve them by telling them what I think of them? Right. I do it all the time :P

9. Gone fishing. If you mean looking only for fish, then no not yet!

10. Watched four movies in one night. Six is my record, sir!

11. Lied to someone. Who hasn’t?

12. Snorted cocaine. I keep saying I like to try everything, but this is a little too much even for me.

13. Smoked weed. I wish I could scratch this out nice and good. What kind of a question is that? I don’t like it :-|

14. Failed a subject. I created history with my Engineering Graphics paper. Some day I will tell you about it. If I haven’t already :P

15. Been in a car accident. Na bhaiya. Touchwood.

16. Been in a tornado. Na bhaiya. Touchwood.

17. Watched someone die. I hope I never do.

18. Been to a funeral. Memorial service, yes. Funeral, my religion doesn’t let me and I can only thank God for it.

19. Burned yourself. With pots and pans, yes. With real fire, no.

20. Ran a marathon. Yes. 6 and 10 kms.

21. Cried yourself to sleep. Ha ha! In the days of teenage angst.

22. Spent over 10,000 bucks in one day. Yus! But only when I went wedding shopping. Otherwise getting me to spend 10K in one day is impossible. I shop on the road side (which reminds me, I have to write a post-long rant about how people judge what I call excellent consumer behaviour :P)

23. Flown an aeroplane. Paper ones? In class? To bug profs? SOOOO many times :P

23 part 2. Flown ON an aeroplane (that was the real question :P) Yes. And I get super excited every time I do, even in our day and age of economy class airlines gone too far. Thanks to my hardcore middle class upbringing :D

24. Cheated on someone. My life hasn’t been all that interesting.

25. Been cheated on. Naah! I would have had to say “yes” for “Killed someone” if I had said “yes” for this one here.

26. Written a 10 page letter. Yes, but not for love. For friendship :P

27. Gone skiing. YUS YUS YUS!

28. Been sailing. YUS YUS YUS! (Aren’t you proud you know me, already? :P)

29. Cut yourself. Deliberately, no. (In spite of being a precocious teenager who thought she needed to shoulder the responsibilities of the world, and hence had suicidal thoughts a couple of times.) Accidentally, a million times.

30. Had a best friend. Made. Lost. Made. Lost touch. Made. Married. Intent on not losing :P

31. Lost someone you loved. Hmmmm. I think so.

32. Got into trouble for something you didn’t do. Homeworks, test papers, assignments, project docs, attending classes. I never did all that, and always got into trouble :P

33. Stolen (yes) borrowed (yes) a book from the library.

34. Gone to a different country. Yes, and want to again. Sooner the better.

35. Watched the Harry Potter movies. Can’t read, can’t watch, can’t stand Harry Potter.

36. Had an online diary. Like a blog? Yes.

37. Fired a gun. Air guns. Pichkaaris on holi. Pretty much it.

38. Gambled in a casino. Must be the only forbidden thing I haven’t done.

39. Been in a school play. Ji bilkul.

40. Been fired from a job. You are kidding me! That day would have seen bloody murder.

41. Taken a lie detector test. Haven’t had to.

42. Swam with dolphins. Just seen them from the port holes of ships I sailed on in another era. Sigh!

43. Voted for someone on a reality TV show. *sheepish grin*

44. Written poetry. Have tried. Been decent at it, I think.

45. Read more than 20 books a year. Yup, very proud of it too!

46. Gone to Europe. When I was 7. Will, in a year or two. To bring back memories that will last.

47. Loved someone you shouldn’t have. Is it possible to do that for someone who never has any regrets? I guess I would have regretted if I’d have DONE something about that lost cause :P

48. Used a colouring book over age 12. Ji haan. Because of that screwed up subject we had to study in college. Engineering Graphics (Y-U-C-K)

49. Had a surgery. Yus!

50. Had stitches. I guess when you say you have had a surgery, the stitches go without saying. Or am I wrong?

51. Taken a Taxi. Ji haan.

52. Had more than 5 IM conversations going on at once. All the time!

53. Been in a fist fight. Over a Mills and Boon that I never read. Neither did the friend I had my fist fight with :P It was more about frustration over padhai than wanting to read the damn book! And yes, aren’t you surprised? :))

54. Had a pet. Dog. Fish. I never liked them much. Judge me all you want, but I am not an animal person.

56. Petted a wild animal. What did I JUST say?

57. Had your own credit card & bought something with it. I have been working for 3 years and I never have enough cash on me :P

58. Dyed your hair. Streaked, yes. Dyed, no.

59. Got a tattoo. Don’t have it me to even touch a needle. Forget making pretty flowers on my skin with it.

60. Had something pierced. Ears. Four times over, 2 in each mind you :P

61. Got straight A’s. Yessir, that too!

62. Known someone personally with HIV or AIDS. Nope.

63. Taken pictures with a webcam. Yes.. I have a whole folder called “Mugshots”. It’s all me me me!

64. Lost something expensive. Yes. A gemstone I hated and was glad when I got rid of it without having to throw it out of the window :P

65. Gone to sleep with music on. Yes. Deep Purple. They say they were once voted as the loudest band alive. What does that say about me?

I am not tagging anyone, because I am not so sure if everyone likes getting tagged as much as I do.
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6 Responses to Know more

  1. ~G says:

    Tags such as these bring out a lot more about the blogger than you would otherwise know. :)
    Now I know you better! and six movies in a row. My record at most slumber parties is to sleep in the very first movie and wake up when the last movie that other junta is watching is coming to an end. Then join the rest of the fun like playing cards etc.. :)


  2. piyu says:

    Wow you have done a LOT of things.. I envy – skiing, sailing!!

    Six movies?? Seriously?

    You can't stand HP :(. So sad.

    I wanna go to Europe too.. soon, very soon :)

    Engineering graphics had you color??? which university is that again :P

    Loved the way you did the tag.


  3. @G, been there done that too.. I slept through Silence of the lambs in a slumber party :P

    @Piyu, Pune University re.. Crazy it was. I just couldn't see 2-D and 3-D (orthographic and isometric) the way the rest of the class saw them :P That subject was sheer torture!


  4. DI says:

    Awesome! By the way, I finally found a beeg point of difference between us! You not an animal person? Hawwww! :o

    Lovely tag this, I am doing to today somehow, I need to blog, it's been too long!


  5. Roxie says:

    TamTam.. No Harry Potter???? How did I not know this? :(


  6. @DI, what hawww! Enough people and things to love. Why fall in love with plants and animals. I love them only when cooked really well :P

    Roxie, :D :D I can't stand HP.. I think it has more to do with the initials than the work itself.. :P


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