Full fun. Year one.

This day last year you took me Somewhere I had never travelled, and gladly beyond. The trips, the drives, the music, the “home”, the fights, the fun, the endless conversation, the laughter.

… And tonight we will drink to our friendship. And this precious love that we celebrate everyday.

Happy Anniversary, my dear R!


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10 Responses to Full fun. Year one.

  1. piyu says:


    The day is here.. Congratulations to both of you, don't forget my treat ;)

    Here is wishing you both many many years of happiness together, god bless you :)


  2. @Piyu, yayyyyy indeed :D Treat on your coorg trip, when you stop over to meet me :)) Thanks babe :)


  3. Sagarika says:

    Yay.. it all started here too .. happy anniv darling… may it be filled with endless tittles and co-ordinates.. some decipherable and the others mysterious yet beautiful and precious!


  4. DI says:

    Happy Anniversary :D! Have an awesome, fun-filled, party-like life ahead!


  5. DI says:

    Happy Anniversary! :D
    Have an awesome, funfilled, and party-like life ahead!


  6. @Sagarika, ah yes.. Of tittles and co ordinates :D Thanks babe..!

    @DI, indeed! Thank you rahega :))


  7. austere says:


    What a beautiful day it suddenly is.


  8. @Austy, you are the sweetest! Thank you :)


  9. Congratulations does not even cover it.. so here is wishing you so many more of the same. May the love grow deeper every year..may the laughs be bigger..may the celebration never end..may the friendship always stay the same.


  10. CN, thanks a tonne.. That's a really sweet wish :)


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