Sunday evening randomness

We were at the airport today to see off one of R’s friends who was leaving town. And I realised something. The genuinely nice people (read those who end up becoming friends you can really rely on – no matter where they are) we meet in life are few. And far between. And it’s a terrible mistake to let go of them. I have not done a great job of keeping in touch after college (frivolous “likes” and comments on Facebook not withstanding). I made some awesome friends outside my close circle back in college. And those are the ones that belong to the category of the “few and far between genuinely nice people” I have known. One of them is in the same city. And I have met him only once. Maybe it’s about time I revived some of my old friendships. I miss those friends. And more importantly, I don’t want to lose them. Ironically, I have not done a good job of keeping touch probably because I know these are the very people I will never really lose. Their bad luck or mine, I am not so sure :P

There is something else I realised today. Proud as I am of my blog (Proud of what exactly, you ask? I am not so sure.), when someone I know in real life talks to me about it, I feel very awkward. I am not sure why, but I do. I have considered going anonymous a lot of times, but I can never get myself to do it. Also, it is not my non-anonymity because of which people find me here, it’s actually because I have shamelessly advertised my blog. What it is that makes me awkward I don’t know. But I do know that it’s absolutely stupid. And it is something I MUST get over if I can’t get myself to relate with anonymity. A good start would be to not write anything remotely controversial here. Can I do that? We will see :P

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5 Responses to Sunday evening randomness

  1. I would find it awkward to discuss my blog with people who know me in real life too.. hence the anonymous blog!


  2. Chatterbox says:

    So many of the bloggers I read write non-anon and share every big or small happenings of their life and workplace.
    I feel till you aren't writing anything wrong or genuinely controversial, you can safely publicize and stay non-anonymous in the blogging world :D



  3. DI says:

    I started totally non-anonymous, with my name in the url. Bah! But the idea was to share everything with my batchmates back then.
    Now I am trying very hard to be anonymous, but doesn't seem to be working! Still, I rant and crib and complain like nobody's business :D
    A lot of people I know seem to be reading my blog without my knowledge, but except one odd cases where I was about to publish something very mean about someone I had a hunch knew of this page, I think I never stopped myself. Oh, and this is on my FB page, so I guess I am just doing this anonymous business for the heck of it. :D

    Like CB said, no controversy, and you'll be just fine!


  4. @Piyu, makes sense.

    @CB and DI – I know what you mean. The thing is I have been controversial only once. And I took off that post quite soon too. Anyway.. Doesn't matter. I just think I need to get over feeling awkward because when I put out my thoughts on the world wide web, I can't really hope to not have people read them. In fact I want them to read and I get a kick out of Google Analytics reports :P

    And DI, isn't it amazing how many people read our “deep, dark secrets” on the blog and we don't even know it? Makes me feel like a celebrity :P It'll just be nicer of they left a one off comment or something so I don't get shocked when they mention it. And I don't go rummaging through my mental archives trying to remember everything I have written here while they try to talk to me about my blog that by the way I am very proud of and love talking about :P


  5. austere says:

    I like staying quasi anon.
    Guess that's that.


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