Of Croma and materialistic pleasures..

I have always loved Croma, but hadn’t gone to any of their stores in Bangalore yet. Today I did. And the place impressed me all over again – literally! Service – perfect. Associates – perfect. Merchandising – perfect. Stock – perfect. Pricing – perfect perfect perfect! I absolutely love the place, it’s good enough to give any other electronic retail chain a run for their money. E Zone and Sony exclusive stores included. But what really gives me a kick is that once upon in time, I had a part to play in how awesome Croma is today.

So a large part of our Sunday was spent… errr.. Spending. And we are now very proud owners of a digital photo album (my anniversary gift – more on this later) and a blu ray disc player. And guess what. I can actually figure out the difference between our old DVD player and this player. Listen up ladies and gentlemen, this is a HUGE step for me! Here’s to many more nights spent watching Jack Bauer and Frasier Crane and Shah Rukh Khan and Morgan Freeman in action!

Coming now to the digital photo album. I am surprised at how much I am loving it, considering I am all for paper prints and the traditional way of storing pictures. But this small thing has extendable memory and can store nearly all of our holiday pictures. And videos. And a sexy screen to display it. It’s super cool! I am going to have some fun with my little digital album that I can carry around, and no memory will ever be far from me.

Ha! Now if only someone bought me that SLR. And honest to God, I am really hoping this time I will be lucky and R will read this other blog too (and that’s asking for a lot, because I am not so sure if he even reads Peaceful Easy Feeling :P)

P.S. R noticed I was blogging, and he wants me to recommend his new player on the blog because he is obviously madly in love with it. So if you are thinking of buying a blu ray disc player any time soon and you don’t want to spend too much money (not more than approx 10K) and if you want a player that plays DVD formats too, consider this option – Sony BDB – S370. Edited to add – it plays internet content on Wifi. I have positively never seen anything cooler than this player. And this one comes from me, not R :D

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