On rare occasions, I miss my bunch of monkeys. Those that I am in touch with, and those that I’m not.

In the end, even the lives of the most awesome bunch of Friends we have ever known was about growing up and growing apart. Sometimes I wish life really had frozen during one of those 8 pm Nescafe sessions. Bah! It’s only PMS doing its bit :P

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6 Responses to On rare occasions, I miss my bunch of monkeys. Those that I am in touch with, and those that I’m not.

  1. piyu says:

    Even I sometimes wish, life would've frozen during my engg. days.. such an easy life, no responsibilities, no job, and surprisingly, not a lot of weight to lose :P :P

    But then after some time of day-dreaming, I do admit, what I now have is way better despite all of that :)


  2. I soo know what you mean.. My engineering nostalgia lasts no more than an hour :P This is where I have always wanted to be :)


  3. Chatterbox says:

    Wow! I am amazed how very similar thought came to my mind when I read your post. Life sounded carefree in uni days but it is more relaxed and focused once we are settled with a career and life of our own:)

    It's my first time here and I am enjoying meeting like minded people :D
    Let's stay in touch and have fun blogging!!



  4. @CB, it is quite strange how we dont know quite like minded people in real life as we do in the blog world. I am nothing extra ordinary, and yet it's only here that I find people who think a lot like me.. Welcome to the blog.. And I am off to read yours now :)


  5. AmitL says:

    Hi,Tamanna..very nice thought…similar to what I reminisce about, as well.:)But, I miss school days more than college days,somehow..they were so much more fun.Plus,more school pals have stayed in touch than college pals.:)


  6. The only thing I miss about the college days is my Friends..So rather than being frozen in that moment, what I wish is that I could transport my friends in this present..

    But in another sense I know that I have changed and they have too..and things might not be the same..so the look back with indulgence is the way to go. :)

    So here is me looking back..thinking of amazing friends with a huge smile on my face.


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