I don’t see why people think a woman smokes to get some false sense of “power and control” and why this theory doesn’t apply to a man. 21st century, isn’t it?

P.S. I don’t have a problem with non smokers. But I do have a problem with stereotypes and stereotyping.
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  1. Sagarika says:

    My boss refused to let me work in peace if i dind't quit smoking and threatened to call my parents… no no u didnt read school u read office.. ya .. when I said I wont.. she called me pseudo cool in front of all… I saw the 'pious' her holding a ciggy the wrong way at a corporate meet away from home .. trying to be 'normal'!


  2. DI says:

    I don't smoke, but I have heard so many people sstereotype women who smoke, that I usually end up arguing, and then I am asked if I smoke too. As if that explains everything.

    That's one thing, but very recently, this guy I know forwards this mail titled 'look how much India is progressing' and has some 10 pictures of women smoking. And when I ask him why there were no pics of guys, he says ' that's still ok'. Ugh!


  3. @Sagarika, are you serious? Tell PARENTS?? What's wrong with your boss? LOL!

    @DI, couldn't agree more! Funny how men will stare hard if you smoke, with a smoke in hand no less!! :P


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