When I say "awesome" and aaaargh" together

Traffic kills in the morning, heat kills in the afternoon, awesome weather and clouds and breeze and rains kill in the evenings, mild fever and related delirium kill at night. Day after day. Night after night. The magic of Bangalore. I love it. I do!

P.S. I can’t get over the forever changing weather here. Neither can my immune system :(

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10 Responses to When I say "awesome" and aaaargh" together

  1. Sagarika says:

    1st? (don't think so though)


  2. Sagarika says:

    Some profound person said: Man uis never happy.. never can be.. even in heaven! I say Ditto Amen!


  3. I envy Bangalore weather, how many more times are you gonna make me say it?


  4. DiDo says:

    ohh itss raining there??? wowww luckyy u :(


  5. piyu says:

    Also, take care :)


  6. @Sagarika, first indeed :) And I don't know about Man, he seems to be generally happy. It's the Woman here that goes crazy with her blocked nose and PMS and all that! :P

    @Piyu, will take care thanks.. And hang on for a couple of weeks and then plan a trip to this part of the country.. Coorg maybe.. Remember your plans of these weekend getaways? Karnataka is heavenly during rains. Just pack your bags and come!

    Chocolate Amer, trying! :D

    DiDo, yes.. that I am. For most part :))


  7. piyu says:

    Ohh, I was just about to post asking people for recommendations on weekend gateaways during Monsoons :)

    Thanks for the suggestion.


  8. Sagarika says:

    Why doesn't anyone invite me :( … i need to take a trip outh too .. really 'need' to take!!!!


  9. @Piyu, anytime! :)

    @Sagarika, aa ja tu bhi! :))


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