Frozen in time

There are few things more awesome than a rainy evening, thunderstorm, some chilled beer in the balcony, power cut (and a careless watchman who doesn’t start the loud generator), songs that mean a lot to you, me, and us. And long and winding conversation about yesterday, day before, last year, 10 years ago… And the years to come.

A moment that was frozen in time, and was stashed away in the safest locker of my memory :)

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14 Responses to Frozen in time

  1. Sagarika says:

    And that faraway gaxe into each other eyes.. balnk yet storehouse of all the untold and so called unnoticed meories of years gone by? :)


  2. Ahem! One year after the Big Fat Bihari wedding, the faraway gazes don't happen every Sunday ;) But yes.. Maybe.. Who knows :P


  3. piyu says:

    Looks like you are already setting the mood for the celebration on 8th ;)


  4. Piyu, you have the memory of an elephant :P And yes, you can say that actually. We have even planned to save all our fights for 9th June :D :D


  5. ricercar says:

    what a romantic picture :D


  6. Sagarika says:

    It's your anniv on the 8th???? Don't tell me you got doomed the day I blessed earth!!!! ;p


  7. Ricercar, thanks! I need access to your blog after all these years.. Pliss to oblige :)

    Sagarika, wow that's some coincidence! :D :D


  8. sweet-pea i'd need your emailid to send an invite? also are you on twitter / facebook?


  9. piyu says:

    Hehe.. yet, somehow I cannot seem to the stuff, I *need* to remember.. like stuff from work :P


  10. Chocolate amer – that's a really nice name :)

    Piyu, that's ok.. I think all of us have that problem :P


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