Perfect evening

I envy people who can sleep peacefully in the afternoon. That’s how at least one of the two weekend afternoons are supposed to be. I have some sleepy afternoons too – few and far between. R on the other had can sleep anytime and wake up happy. My few afternoon naps make me very snappy in the evenings… 

This was what I was going to crib about when I thought of writing this post out of sheer boredom. But then look at the weather. Even I can’t crib with the last bit of Saturday sunshine streaming into my house through the clouds. It’s drizzling. And the plants in the balcony are as happy as me. I know I write about the weather nearly every weekend, but I can’t get over how disciplined the Bangalore weather is. No matter how hot weekdays are, weekends are always rainy and pleasant. I love this city. I am lucky to be here. Irrespective of how much I crib about it. You win some, you lose some! But in Bangalore, you lose less, you win more, especially if you are the also the kind of person whose moodswings are guided by weather and weather alone. So here I am. Blogging. Happy. Surrounded by rain on one side, and orange and yellow cushions on the other. And the bright glass of Tang is looking at me with glee. And there is complete silence, something I am no longer used to. (In my defense, I did try to wake R up but he just won’t budge!) The song of the moment… It was all yellow. This is one of my many “happy places”… Ones that I think of longingly through the rush of weekdays. Perfection.
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7 Responses to Perfect evening

  1. piyu says:

    Muhahaha.. I can sleep anywhere, anytime.. have an amazing afternoon nap almost every weekend :P :P

    So you have finally changed your loyalty to Bangalore.. hmph.. Mumbai ke baare mein ek baar bhi nahi socha :(

    P.S. The description of weather there is making me jealous.


  2. Sagarika says:

    @Tamanna: I love to sleep during afternoons.. but then get so snappy and migrainous that it scares me … and also the fact that i am a big time insomaniac makes me wonder if I am the only afternoon sleep resister around.. glad to have found you {{{{hugs}}}} ;p


  3. Sob Sob…i miss B'lore…i miss rains…i miss afternoon naps…! Damn i envy u tamanna!


  4. Where is the 'Like' button? I love the label/ tag as well – “awesomeness” :)
    Hugs, babe.


  5. @Piyu, I am not jealous :P I can't miss the quiet afternoons for anything in the world, especially now that the weather's going to be awesome here. Just get bored sometimes ;) And Bombay is where my heart is. But Bangalore is home now, so I might as well :) Bombay samajh jaayega, practical sheher hai woh ;)

    @Sagarika, yayyy! :)) I belong to a family of afternoon nappers. My dad and I have spent many Sunday afternoons wondering how everyone can sleep so peacefully in the middle of the day :)

    @DOJ, where are you? And yes, Bangalore weather is quite the owner's pride neighbour's envy material :D Come, visit :)

    @IE, hugs to you too! What a pretty Sunday evening it was too ;)


  6. DI says:

    I can and do sleep whenever I can too :D I love my weeken afternoon naps! But then I don't have your awesome weather to keep me up and happy do I? I only have the Hyderabad heat, and the AC which makes me all drowsy, and happy!


  7. DI, come to think of it, the AC makes me worse.. I wake up sniffing like mad and snappier than usual :P Sleep on, sleeping beauty :P


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