Khatti Daal

… And no, this is not about daal gone sour! At 11 am on a lot of days during my summer vacations back in school, Ma used to give me daal in a tea cup (yes, I did get a LOT of nutrition, and it shows :P). On some days this daal used to be khatti, and it was really one of my favourite things to drink while I watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai/ Bawarchi/ Golmaal on cable TV for the nth time. The “small happinesses” of childhood!

So the other day I had this strange craving for that daal, I hadn’t tasted it in 10 years. It’s times like these that I am glad I have Ma’s number on speed dial :P Putting down the recipe here for posterity, someday my great grandkids might chance upon it and discover the wonders of Bihari cuisine (which by that way is “cuisine” and way better than the pastas and pizzas of the world!). Great grandkids, if you are reading this, this is the easiest thing you will ever make in the kitchen. You will be proud of the legacy of easy-cooking legacy we are leaving behind for you :P

What you need-
Toor daal
Haldi powder
A drop of ghee
One raw mango (Kairi, tikola.. Whatever you call it.)

Pressure cook everything. One seeti on high flame and 3 on low flame. And it’s done. Beat that!

Try this on a Sunday afternoon.. With rice and bhindi. You’ll thank me forever!

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3 Responses to Khatti Daal

  1. Sagarika says:

    its bliss…. if no bhindi… try it with aalo bhujia…. oh shit.. is 1 am and u set in this craving!!!! :(


  2. You've had this? Man! This is the first time I have "met" someone who has eaten this daal! Is it Bengali food?


  3. Sagarika says:

    Yup we call this tok daal (I dunno its bong or not coz I have grown up on a lot of bihari cuisine tyoo having lived in jamshedpur too )…. Mom makes it awesome with mustard seeds choka…. aaah bliss ;) .. eternal sumer hols fav … ;p


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