Tunday Kebab… What’s the fuss about?

We went to Tunday Kebab on Saturday to find comfort in awadhi food. And I still don’t get it. What’s all the fuss around this place about?

The place looks worn out (already!), albeit a great deal cleaner than I had expected. The service is quick. And to think I was willing to give up on all this because I thought the food will be to die for. It is anything but that! Really. I can’t qualify as a connoisseur when it comes to Mughlai or Awadhi or any other kind of food. And I still know the food was only average. The mutton roll tasted good, but was dripping with oil on all sides. I know this cuisine is generally rich and oily, but I still can’t forgive oil dripping all over my hands and the paper wrapped around the roll. Gilawati kebab was good, although I couldn’t really taste the meat. Seekh kebab was strictly average. And Biryani was B-A-D. The quality of rice was bad, the oil in the Biryani settled all around my mouth, and I couldn’t even take a second helping. If there’s one thing that really puts me off, it is bad Biryani. Something unprecedented happened this weekend. I STILL have left over Biryani in the fridge, and I can’t get myself to eat it. And if you know me well, you would also know that this is enough to explain how mediocre the food was.

Tunday may have been heritage in the world where one had to go to Awadh to eat Awadhi food. But now with so many Biryani places in Bangalore, and dosa corners up north, I see no reason to go to Tunday. It’s value for money. Actually make that just inexpensive. But saving a few hundred bucks when you can actually eat authentic AND delicious kebabs at Samarkand, why settle for less. And if price is a deciding factor, stick to Kund, Indiranagar. Or Lazeez.

Tunday Kebabs is a 1 on 5 for me. I see no reason to return!

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