Catharsis and a few good things..

It amazes me how every time I am this close to losing my faith completely, there will always be someone who will make me believe this is not such a bad world after all. This time around, it’s my boss. Old readers of this blog will know that more often than not, I have liked my bosses. I may have had issues with company policies or the fatalistic corporate culture or boardroom stupidity, but my bosses have been awesome people (in one way or the other). This time is no different. Only I like the place a great deal too.

I have been going through a personal crisis for a while now, and much as I like to keep work and home away from each other, it’s not happening right now. I am often on the phone just outside the office, and from what I know of small or mid size companies, this is not taken lightly.. All these phone calls and distraction. But I have not been questioned. I know I may not be giving my best shot at work right now, and have done my bit of explaining to the big boss too. And once again, he has gone and proved that he treats his employees as human beings. Not as paid machines who can cut off for the 9 hours they spend in office. Because much as one would like to, it’s not always possible.

This world needs more men and women like my boss – people who are not so hung on to the idea of professionalism (and more often than not, ego – “I am the boss around here, you better listen to me”) that they stop being human. I am thankful I work where I do. I am meaningfully employed. I am good at what I do (but for some bad days) and I am treated like a human being, not a report churning machine. This is all I need right now to keep my faith. Doobte ko tinke ka sahaara..

Say a little prayer for me. I have never needed it more.

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6 Responses to Catharsis and a few good things..

  1. piyu says:

    Take care sweetie :) I'll def say a prayer for you. Hope your troubles are behind you very soon.

    BTW, You are damn lucky to have a job like that :)


  2. Varun Yagain says:

    All things pass, bad weather included. You just hang-in there, soldier!


  3. Don't worry soon everything will be fine. :)

    Hope everyone gets the boss like u!


  4. solar says:

    my first time here…nice place
    well, my best wishes…


  5. Chinkurli says:

    Welcome back. Since I can't help you any other way… *big hug*

    May you be strong enough to tackle the problem you're facing right now :)


  6. Everyone, thanks.. The troubles are over for most part.. And like you can see, I am back and alive and kicking :D


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