Last night was my second visit to Cirrus, Indiranagar. The place is just one step short of being on my top 5 list of cheap beer drinking places in Bangalore. It has everything going for itself – the ambience (rooftop on a quintessential Bangalore evening and not crowded beyond capacity), non-pretentious crowd for most part, prices, and food. Now if only they played some rock on Saturday nights.

But then again, I can’t hold it against them. I may not be a part of their hip hop listening target group. But what the hell it was fun! If you are planning to go there, book a table on the terrace way in advance. It’s a tad bit difficult to find a table of your choice even after the booking, and it doesn’t help when the manager just chooses to look in the other direction when you speak to him about it. All you have to do is remind him that it’s not great behaviour and then he will smile at you tirelessly all evening!

That said, the service is quick, the alcohol is not expensive, the food is quite good. And the ambience is quite simple and quite nice (I can’t emphasize enough on booking a table on the terrace though). Just don’t expect immaculate behaviour. And don’t drink and drive. There are cops right outside the building!

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