Reunions and me

I am not a very “virtual reunion” person, everyone doesn’t evoke the same kind of nostalgia in me. Surprisingly, most school folks do, most college folks don’t. I can’t talk nineteen to the dozen with everyone. With a lot of people I can, with most I can’t. And I can’t have prolonged conversations about in laws. Or the boys in college whose names I no longer remember. And I can’t answer the same questions worded differently for 10 excruciating minutes… Or more!

Especially on Gtalk.

Especially on a weekday.

Is that a problem?

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One Response to Reunions and me

  1. piyu says:

    Definitely not!

    The worst part is when the conversation keep hanging and no one has anything to say with awkward pauses, and you don't know how to end it.


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