Fine dining and me

My job lets me go out for free meals and reimbursed shopping sometimes. Jealous, aren’t you? ;) Sometimes I think I may know the number of “forgivable minutes” between starters and main course and the many types of greetings, and what makes a customer happy, on the tip of my fingers, but personally fine dining is not for me. It’s not really my idea of a fun day out. Forgive my sophistication anti thesis (again), but if I have a choice, I would pick Lazeez and roadside food and Peco’s over a fine dining restaurant any day.

Eating out is essentially about the food and the experience together, isn’t it? Or is is it? If the food is out of this world, is the complete absence of service acceptable? Is that why MTR (I personally don’t find their food extraordinary) and Tunday’s are a category that happens to be my personal favourite? Extremely subjective, isn’t it? But if the food is horrible and the service impeccable, can it possibly, even by a long shot, work?

Like all other things in the world, this too is about balance. (And I say this very grudgingly, because everyone who knows me also knows that balance is not really my forte. LOL!)

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