Majja ni life..

And no, this is not Munnabhai hangover.

If you once lived in Pune and made a beeline at Zamu’s on Navroze and no trip to MG Road was complete without stuffing yourself at Dorabjee’s and/or during Bombay days, Mocambo made you jump with joy and you are now suffering Parsi food withdrawal symptoms here in Bangalore and Andhra style is not really your style, try Daddy’s Deli in Indiranagar. It won’t promise you the stuff that legends like Zamu’s are made of, but it promises nice, filling, homely Parsi food. I can’t really comment on their service etc because I ordered in. But after a long day on the road, this food was all I was looking for. Succulent pieces of chicken and mutton in their Vindaloo and Dhansak respectively, crisp pieces of potato, to-die-for-gravy, smooth rotlis, and browned rice. The food was absolutely satisfying. Just like I like it after a Sunday spent on the road indulging in retail therapy.

Speaking of home delivery, I had been using Hungryzone on and off for online ordering. But I am switching my loyalty to Webdhaba. They are efficient, accurate, make a follow up call instead of instructing customers to call on their own in case of delay. And when you order from Webdhaba, you will probably only wonder what delay they are talking about. I had placed my order at 7 (yes, I am ALWAYS in a hurry if we are talking food) for a 9:30 pm delivery and I stay quite far from Daddy’s Deli. And in Bangalore one must get used to last minute cancellations and delays, but the food was at my door at 9:30. Dot. I know you won’t understand why this is a miracle in this city if you are not from here. Try it sometime.

Polished off all the food in the company for R and a certain Mr Clooney. The long overdue Up In The Air. How did I forget that George Clooney looks like that! Man! That smile, those looks, those intense eyes… I can go on! The movie.. Quite nice. Depessing in parts, but really gets you a perspective in terms of work and life, and how they aren’t the same thing (and I lose mine ever so often when it comes to this!) And everything it means to have “company” instead of just working for one. A 4/5 for me… I still believe Alex should have ditched everything, thrown the damned backpack, and gone to George Clooney. Just like that. That’s why the -1. I prefer happier endings.

And I am back in office now. Hating it. How can I not? SOMEONE TAKE ME HOME!

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