Sathya Restaurant (Bar Attached)… Imagine!

A bunch of us from office decided on impulse to grab a bite somewhere on our way back home last Thursday. After a lot of deliberation (read getting stuck in bumper to bumper traffic all the way from Bannerghatta to nearly everywhere else in the city), we finally decided to go somewhere cheap and awesome somewhere close to everyone’s house. That’s when Sathya happened. And grabbing a bite became more like  grabbing bottles, pardon my sophistication anti thesis ;-)

Old time Bangaloreans say this shack-like place right in the middle of the most peaceful stretch in Koramangla (3rd block) was originally a shady dhaba with open seating and palm trees and cheap, decent non vegetarian fare and alcohol. Soon the demand increased and they turned it into Sathya Restaurnant – Bar attached (typical Bangalore). I am glad I went there. I remember such places from my college days in Pune and was now beginning to forget the pleasures of cheap beer outings. Where we parked our car was an unlikely parking area – palm trees and brilliant breeze. We sat in the smoking area- slightly warm but the weather wasn’t very Bangalore that Thursday night and I will let that pass.The place is held together by bamboo sticks and looks a lot like a shack. Cheap beer (the best part- they don’t serve pints :-))), cheap and pretty decent starters… Fresh and delicious chicken chilly, to-die-for-mushrooms, and absolutely awesome prawns.. It was as good as being in Bombay (I really need to get over my Bombay hangover!). Just much more peaceful. The crowd was excellent and not in the least wannabe, which is the curse of Bangalore eateries for most part. And music that was soft enough to allow long conversations and crazy jokes. Sathya was the kind of place I would not normally go to now, thanks to its name and how it looks from the outside. But it was an awesome evening. Worth a revisit. It’s going to be stone’s throw from where my office is moving next week :D Recommended for last minute plans and catching up with friends over intoxicants and long winding conversation.

By the way I have no idea when Paathsala came and went from Bangalore theatres. I am not going to forgive the multiplexes here for some time now. Unless I am wrong. I hope I am. Let me know!

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