On a feverish afternoon..

… No matter how much I wish sickness upon myself on most Sundays just to get out of going to work on Mondays, when it actually happens, I absolutely, totally HATE it. I’d rather be feverish at work than at home. Arrrgh!

… Staying home alone is NOT fun. It used to be in a previous life. Now, no way!

… I started blogging when cell phone dictionaries didn’t recognise the words “blog” and “weblog” unless you added them to the dictionary manually. Times have changed now. And in a weird sort of way, it makes me extremely proud. This must be The Only Thing I have stuck with in the real sense of the phrase. Or rather, this is the only thing that has stuck with me… Good times or bad.

Here’s to blogging! :-)

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5 Responses to On a feverish afternoon..

  1. DI says:

    Totally agree! Staying home when you're actually ill, is extremely annoying alright!
    Coincidentally, even I was wondering how good it was that I stuck to blogging for this long today.
    Cheers to blogging :D!


  2. DI says:

    Uh oh! Forgot to mention this; Do get well soon! :)


  3. Know what you mean.. Thanks babe!


  4. austere says:

    ab theek ho? feeling better?

    yep, the net and blogs opened up a whole new world. duniya badal dala, completely.


  5. Ji bilkul badhiya.. Ekdam maze meina :)


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