The "sleaze" called IPL

While the whole world is concentrating on Lalit Modi and worse still, Shashi Tharoor, Bipasha Basu goes and does a Rakhi Sawant.. In the stadium, no less. Talk about sleaze! What were the organisers and the lady in question thinking? They make me want to see Rakhi Sawant in Big Boss all over again, she doesn’t pretend to be an intellectual thinking Bong actress off stage at least (which of course brings me to another question about Bongs as a community, but I’ll refrain from asking).

What a put off! Rangarang karyakram at its worst.. Why are people taking this carnival to new lows everyday? Absolutely uncalled for at a sporting event!

P.S. – I am not even done with Bipasha yet, and the muscle flexing Shahid is on now. Why can’t he stick with movies? Money really does talk. Too loud sometimes.

Edited to add: Why are the dancers behind Shahid so out of sync!? Why are the singers so out of tune? Why’s nothing right about this concert of sorts?

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10 Responses to The "sleaze" called IPL

  1. Prateek Sur says:

    come on..dont be such a spoilsport..!!


  2. austere says:

    kuch sharam varam bachi nahi hai.


  3. Austy, sharam toh bohot door ki baat hai.. Ab toh lagta hai buddhi bhi nahii bachi hai :)


  4. Meghpeon says:

    yeh bongs ke khilaaf itna aakrosh kyun hain bhai :P


  5. Aapne bhi padh liya? Ab humein bohot embarrassment ho raha hai ;) Sab nahii, bas kuch jinse main flesh and blood mili hoon recently.. Sab bilkul nahii :) And sorry if I offended you, didn't mean to :)


  6. Meghpeon says:

    arey theek hain, chalta hain :-)


  7. Sur says:

    whats the another question about BOngs.. :D We bongs are a weird lot.. :P


  8. Suravi Shome :P :P Nothing major.. Just some extremely strange Bongs I met in Bangalore recently. VERRREEEE pretentious. To the point of being “muh mein luchi aankh pe gucci”.. LOLOLLL! It's like they hate themselves so, so much that they always pretend to be someone else. And please don't kill me SUROVI SHOME, if I remember this correctly from the board exam attendance sheet I used to sign just after you :D :D


  9. Sur says:

    ha! ye luchi-gucci waale to hote hi har jagah! :D hum bihari zyada hai naaa..bong ban nahi paaye poori tarah se..Divs said she wouldn't have befriended me agar ek percent bhi aur bong hote hum! :D


  10. Sheer blasphemy.. Shiiiish! And I know.. Tum pakki Bihari ho :P And I think that's exactly the reason why you are The Nicest Bong I know.

    Now at least I can be sure you won't kill me :D


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