"Lost in the dangling conversation. And the superficial sighs"

Deactivating one’s Facebook account is the most painful thing. And melodramatic! R will miss you, S will miss you… Blaaaah will miss you.. The-girl-in-college-you never-spoke-to-you-and-yet-she-likes-every single-time-you-eat-a-chocolate-pastry-and-tell-the-world-about-it will miss you.. Blaaaaah will miss you.

Alright, so nobody will “miss” me because I’m not dying! And some of these people live with me, others I talk to everyday, and with others, I probably never will. Talk about futility! I’m too sick of my constant online presence, and most of all the exhibitions on FB, mine and others. So I am deactivating my account, not killing myself. I am going back in time, and I will now have real conversations with people I want to keep in touch with, instead of “liking” and having superficial conversations like “LOL nice!”, “Hey nice pic”.

After over 1500 hours of FB time and 500 status updates and 349 pictures, Ta da FB! I don’t think I want to come back. Unless I suffer withdrawal symptoms of course :P

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7 Responses to "Lost in the dangling conversation. And the superficial sighs"

  1. piyu says:

    I'm bored of FB too, mostly go there to play poker once in a while.. But I guess I haven't reached your level of frustration yet :P

    Good luck with the withdrawal symptoms.. hope you don't have to go crawling back ;)


  2. Piyu, you said the magical word.. “crawling”.. Now I don't think I have it in me to go back.. :P God bless you!


  3. See we hate to see you go, but I think we will have real conversations via email or through your blog, I think we can still be in touch so big deal, I was wondering where you disappeared but i think kudos to you! it is *tough* to do what you did


  4. Breakfree, haha..! I wish I stick to this though.. And you really shouldn't off FB.. Does lots of good things for your fun travel company! :)


  5. austere says:

    Congratulations… and good luck.


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