Heere ki pehchaan…

I have an idea. Remember morning assemblies back in school? All of us stood in impeccable straight lines and listened to speeches as early as 7 am? And then at the end, we sang songs? ABBA, national anthem, school anthem, house anthem, hymns – all that?

Now what say we have a morning assembly in every office? Every company has a company anthem. Everyone stands in one place, impeccable lines or not, and sings songs at 9 am… What a kickstart that would be, just think about it! And all companies that I ever work for should sing this everyday, except Fridays, when we will sing this instead. And then sometimes some S&G (Homeward Bound.. Mondays of course!).. Sometimes Bob Dylan (Everybody Must Get Stoned.. On days of fire.). There’s a whole list of classic rock from the 60’s to 80’s in my mind that can actually be perfect office anthems. Those men and women were way ahead of their times. Most of their songs make more sense in the world as we know it than the one I see on Fox History. Now to start something of my own. Where someone (read me) will respect all my brilliant ideas :P A genius is never respected in his own time I say.

Hmph! Isn’t it Friday yet?

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4 Responses to Heere ki pehchaan…

  1. austere says:

    total sixer!
    don't tell my HR dept…


  2. LOL! u like the idea or don't? :D


  3. Sur says:

    aha! kabhi nahi samjhenge ye log the importance of such things! I Like! If you ever venture out on your own, employ me ;)


  4. Sur, I promise.. The company will need brains that are really good too, not just ones that work overtime with totally unimportant stuff.. :P


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