Subtle is where

To start with, why are wedding invitation websites ALWAYS so SUPREMELY tacky? And why on earth would a wedding invitation website have a link that says “Wedding gift ideas” with ideas like Diamond earrings?

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4 Responses to Subtle is where

  1. austere says:

    One envelope, shagun ka 101 Rs.
    Gujju style.

    No, make that 51 bucks.

    And four to dine.


  2. ROFL! Biharis do that too :D


  3. Sur says:

    I got the answer to the why! So that the husband after seeing that wife dearest hasn't been gifted that diamond earring even after the subtle hints on the site, is obligated to buy one for her :D :D


  4. LOLOLL!! I really hope it's just that :P


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