… How did the world survive before the glorious days of Excel? :-|
… Why is there such a the thin line between making the client happy, if only in the beginning, and client servicing, that so many of us refuse to see it? (It’s really not that thin!)

… Why is common sense so uncommon that it lies unheard and uncared for somewhere on the brink of turning into a superpower? (I can actually imagine poor common sense feeling so left out – thanks to an acquaintance’s FB status update for this weird imagery!)
I am going to feed my curiousity (yeah, sure!) on (or with? Too tired to frame this sentence correctly, but I am obsessive and I will still blog, whether my 2 and a half readers bother to read or not) some nice hot Bong dinner followed by Bong rasagullas.

P.S. – Just realised that 2 of the 2 and a half readers are me. At this rate, soon I will have a full 3 people reading the blog. No, I promise. I’m not on anything!

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8 Responses to ?

  1. AmitL says:

    Interesting questions,Tamanna..specially the excel one-Mr. Gates would also be thrilled.:)
    Re. 2.5 readers- who's the 1/2 reader?Someone who doesn't comment?:)Will be back to read more.


  2. austere says:

    You could describe the rasogullas.

    Oh please do!



  3. S says:

    23 followers aur 2 and half readers?
    bohot na-insaafi hai !! :P


  4. amit, i really dont know who the other half is.. austy is one full :D

    austy, they were awesome! totally yum! :)

    S, cest la vie! :)


  5. Common sense – :) That, my friend, is what makes me happy and open to learning… I just cant get enough of it in this world…


  6. LOL! in any world.. not just THAT world.. :p


  7. piyu says:

    *Drooling* over the rasagullas ..


  8. Piyu, you get better ones in Bombay.. Trust me! :P


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