Of old friends, pretentious cafes, and brilliant deals

So after a getting a lot of Burrp mobile alerts for Matteo Coffea on Church Street, I finally went there today. And I did NOT think it was worth the 5/5 it’s been getting. Let me make myself clear here… The food is decent, the ambience is decent too… But it’s definitely not worth all the raving and ranting. 

So I reached this place a little after 12 and all tables were occupied either by IT folks (they ARE a different category and they are everywhere man!), precocious school kids, hippie firangs, and extremely wannabe.. err.. locals. I got a seat by their pastry shelf and it wasn’t exactly comfortable. One of the waitresses came and thrashed down a menu card on the table. She smiled at me AFTER I smiled at her and she almost looked like she didn’t like her job. Come on lady, most of us don’t! :P

Soon some hippies left and I got a table overlooking the road and the chairs were a lot more comfortable. I didn’t notice much after that because soon the friend I was supposed to meet there arrived and I was seeing her a good three years… And what fun it was to catch up. She knows a lot more about my life than even a lot of very, very close friends in my college gang and it was good to talk and bitch and crib and laugh, no holds barred. The high point of my visit to Matteo was the friend and all the conversation and the awesome gift she gave me today, which in a way made me glad because I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way… Thanks dear girl, you really made my Saturday! :-)

The food was quite decent – the pasta was to die for and the salad was pretty good too. The iced tea was just about average but I don’t blame them. After years of overly sweetened iced tea in the Nescafe counter of my college campus, I can somehow never develop taste for the real iced tea like they serve in the Baristas and Matteos of the world. The service was strictly OK, nothing mindblowing. But then again, today I wasn’t out to crib about a restaurant and my day was made already :-) 

Roxie, this one’s for you. Like I told you earlier too, this IS one of the best gifts I have got in my entire life. Big bear hug, my dear girl! :-)

After Matteo, R and I went to buy a new phone for him, and here’s a little piece of advice for people looking to buy a new phone anytime soon- Go to Just Call, a Nokia priority dealer on Brigade Road. We got a free gift – a range of 2D-3N packages in places like Yercaud, Munnar, and even Goa. And it is valid for a whole year! Like my mom would put it, “aaj kisi achhe insaan ka chehra dekh ke uthi hogi” :D

I rate my Saturday a 5/5 already… And it’s not even over yet! :D
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