Friday Learning

Dharti Yeh Gol Gol Kyon Hai Jee
Duniya Mein Talam Tol Kyon Hai Jee
Chamchma Khilkhila Jagmaga Gum Bhula
Seekh Le Khush Rahene Ki Ada
Awara Rahi Gumshuda, Banke Kyun Ghume Lapta
Muskura Mere Dil, Le Zindagi Ka Maza
Awara Rahi Gumshuda, Banke Kyun Ghume Lapta

Here’s a learning from all the stress of the working week that’s ending today (Yayyyy!). To deal with an adult life full of eccentric maids, lazy watchmen, free spirited dhobis, friends that betray, foes that cling on, the terrible, terrible global warming, power back up that doesn’t help keep the house temperature controlled, meal waali aunty that DOES fall victim to terrible cooking at times after an unbelievably high expectation setting, traffic jams, rude auto wallahs, relatives that WILL interfere in your life and expect you to “listen to them” even when you are on the wrong side of 26, work, clients, the bane of modern day existence – alllll the wires in the house – TV, AC, music system, phone chargers, modem, laptop chargers (and that’s not all), the pile of bills that make their way to the letter box at the start of every month, AND PMS, one desperately needs at least one of two virtues – patience and/or sense of humour, in unmeasurable amounts (and a husband that’s the non controversial Gautam Buddha and the extremely non violent Mahatma Gandhi rolled into one helps too :D).

I have accepted defeat with my patience, but dear Lord, don’t let me lose my sense of humour. Please don’t let me lose my sense of humour – it makes the world look funnier than it really is :P I need to survive adult life as it is… I am NOT Dominique Francon!
After OD-ing on conversation with my favourite person in the whole wide world (R, who else?) and comfort food (for free that too!) and a really nice email from a client, I am back to being cynical, talkative, narcissistic, a little more in love, and very, very happy :P :P
Kadmo Ko Zameen Pe Tikata Chal
Jeevan To Dhoka Hai Tu Khata Chal
Kya Bhala, Kya Bura, Kya Khota, Kya Khara
In Sab Mein Atkeega To Jee Nai Payega
Awara Rahi Gumshuda, Banke Kyun Ghume Lapta
Muskura Mere Dil, Le Zindagi Ka Maza
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3 Responses to Friday Learning

  1. austere says:

    Khush khushall rehna…

    Dunno why but must confess to grinning and mood change after reading this.


  2. S says:

    haha..Dominique Francon ;)
    and a really nice mail from a client?
    Fortunate !! :D


  3. austy, koshish jaari hai! :) and am glad i brought some happiness to the world :)

    S, one of those nice fortunate days :P


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