Everything I needed to know about life, I "learnt" from C&H

Is it funny/ annoying that I totally relate with Calvin on this one? Is it weird that I connect more often with comic book characters (as opposed to “real” people), a la Garfield and Calvin?

Also, am I inviting life threatening trouble by wanting a kid JUST-LIKE-CALVIN whenever that happens?


P.S. I have added a “Search” tab on the right panel of the blog, for the many visitors who come here searching for their names/ names of their organisations. It is after all my duty to help them find what they are looking for, if it exists on this blog i.e.. Because thanks those very loyal “searchers”, the hits on the blog have been unbelievably high in the last few weeks :D :D

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3 Responses to Everything I needed to know about life, I "learnt" from C&H

  1. austere says:

    What about ME?
    Hum bhi push up kiye na, blog stats…

    Hope the Glucon D was temporary, and sab theek thak.


  2. Hann aur kya? Lekin I didn't mention you in it because that was supposed to be sarcastic :D

    Aur aap “hum” bol rahi hain.. Kahiin aap hamaari taraf ki toh nahii hain? UP Bihar etc, my dear Austy? :)

    Glucon D is very important for me in Summer.. The heat gets to me a lil too much and too quickly. Baaki sab theek :)


  3. prateek sur says:

    hav been following calvin and hobbes from early childhood..but hav luved hobbes more than calvin..!!he always gets away wait watever he does..


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