Best buys and IPL brand obsession

The best thing about E-Zone, Indiranagar, Bangalore being right next to Unilet, Indiranagar, Bangalore is that E-Zone has a reasonably spacious parking area.:P We started hunting for two of our bigger buys at E-Zone on two different occasions and the terrible service and downright daft CSAs pissed us off both times. Uniltet on the other hand not only helped us buy the best product, but also floored us with their salesmanship. Unilet feels like a little bit of up and about Bombay in the lazy little Bangalore. Which is surprising because Ezone is much more gloss and sheen than Unilet. For whatever it is worth, I recommend Unilet. And I am not setting foot at an E-Zone again, unless I have vouchers of course :P

Btw check out #IPLBrandWhore on Twitter. One of the most hilarious things I have ever read… Close second to Chetan Bhagat’s oft quoted starting line, “when I wrote about Godhra riots in my third book”. God Mr Bhagat, your book was about ordinary young adults with hyperactive hormones and unreal dreams and passion that comes with youth, not experience. Not riots, for God’s sake!

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