रोज़मर्रा की बातें

YLG Home Salon is the best thing that has happened to womankind of Bangalore. Super service, chirpy, happy associates, and complete value for money with their million schemes. What else do you say when you get vouchers worth your total bill amount for the entire session? I say waah waah! :P Highly recommended. Give them a buzz on 080 43550000 and get pampered ASAP! Their massages are die for – made the bhag daud of the entire last month completely worth it!

Also, I haven’t been cooking of late. In the new work set up, we have 2 options – a cook or meal delivery service. Cook is out because after work, we need some peace and quiet and not another person banging utensils in the kitchen! So meal delivery it was. I had noticed a pamphlet around my house in Wind Tunnel Road advertising their “Bengali home food” and dismissed it as another one of those many home style aunty food advertised in our metropolitans for the benefit of the likes of us who don’t get Ma ke haath ka khana. But we decided to give it a try – and all of last week we have been eating super awesome dinner. It’s really home made Bengali food, it reminds me of the cook at my aunt’s place in Calcutta and our Bengali neighbour in Bombay! It is nothing like the usual oily, tasteless tiffin food. This is ghar ka khana… I am sure with this kind of food and the courteous owner and staff, this one is going the Mom’s Kitchen way. People who stay in Airport Road, Bangalore, call them. At Rs 40 per meal, their food is a steal. especially when you are so far away from the real home food! Their number – 9901 550 698.

Hope this helps :-)

P.S. – Yes, I have fallen in love with hindi script and how it looks on both the blogs :-)

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