Choices choices

Order in or eat out.
Move houses or buy a vehicle I can actually drive.
Indian or western.
Buy an AC in a city like Bangalore and grow into an old hag with joint pain or rot in the March heat.
Speak/ write my mind at the risk of appearing obnoxious to some or speak/ write sugar coated BS and be liked by all.
Vegetarian or non vegetarian.
Visit the salon or call them home.
Live TV or order a DVD.

But the only real choice is TV vs DVD, the others don’t even qualify as “choice”… Not in this life. Get?

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2 Responses to Choices choices

  1. prateek sur says:

    know wat in coll hostels the answer to the choice is downloading movies from the net..neither can we afford to buy dvd's regularly nor r we allowed to view tv..unless there's a cricket match featuring India..!!
    neways i liked ur blog commendably and thus am following u..hope so it wont be a prob..u too try checking out my blog and do comment on the url:


  2. LOL! prateek that's a regular choice in our household too, but i am never the one downloading.. so.. :)

    thanks, and will definitely check out your blog.


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