IPL Live

I had heard a lot about the spectacle that are these IPL matches. Last night I saw it for myself – it’s a festival! Music and dance and cheerleaders and colours and a DJ and all the hungama… Oh and some cricket too :-) I am a believer now, it was almost as good as Octoberfest. Totally loved the 4 hours I spent watching Royal Challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings play their heart out (they must have been I guess – didn’t notice the game so much). And after 9 years of nursing true unrequitted love for apna Jammy, I finally saw him last night, although from a distance. My conclusion – those lower seats are better than Fans Terrace if one’s going to reach the venue after all the cricket/ IPL enthusiasts of the city get there and take the best seats – you may get to see the players more closely and hell, the tickets are cheaper too!

Missed hamaara Dhoni – he was the reason R and I wanted to go for the match, our reasons to love Dhoni far removed from each other though :P But I am quite sure there will be a next time.. :)
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2 Responses to IPL Live

  1. austere says:

    Sounds like quite a mela…state loyalties??


  2. quite a mela.. state loyalties, yes.. IPL matches are generally very high on them.. we went to support dhoni, he being from jharkhand and all.. but ended up supporting bangalore coz thats home for now.. am waiting for Patna Ke Presley.. that will be real loyalty :P


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