This, that, and more

Kal jo burger banaate the, aaj woh pizza banaate hain… My professional relationship with international food chains has been long and steady and unbelievably crazy.
… People in Delhi prefer jazzy showrooms, people in Bangalore and Bombay prefer those with parking – this is the solution to all of life’s mysteries.
… Finally a new laptop.
… Stale biryani tastes better.
… Some songs are for a lifetime. I haven’t missed college days in months. But today, on my way home, a long forgotten song came up on the list… One that I didn’t know I even had in my player. Bulla Ki Jaana. And it left such a tug in my heart – NDA road, high spirits, Rabbi, Valentine’s Day, and 5 single, unattached friends – all of whom fell for each other some time or the other in the years that followed :-) Those were good days.
Ghar ka khana tastes the best when someone else makes it. Especially after a day of constant, non stop activity.
… And other such random realisations.
These are crazy days… These are good days. More later!

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4 Responses to This, that, and more

  1. austere says:

    Congrats on the laptop.

    And the ghar ka khana.

    And the joy in this post.


  2. thanks austy :) although ghar ka khana is quite normal now.. i am not a student anymore.. although when the husband cooks, it tastes better coz i JUST have to eat it :P


  3. I am jealous… of the songs, of the good old times, for the husband who cooks for you :D, and for Rabbi…


  4. get married :P that'll take care of the food bit.. i just hope ur wife will have a nice ghar ka khana cooking husband too :D


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