Why I love my job

… Because I interact with educated (sometimes overly so!) clients, colleagues, and freelancers in Indian and American metropolitans… And freelancers in places as small as Siwan and Purnea and even some places down south and Eastern Europe that I can’t spell until I have those location files in front of me…

… And it makes me realise, yet again, that people are different and there’s a reason, sometimes not so obvious, why they are the way they are. And if they are different from what I have known and seen for most of my life, they’re just that – different. Nothing more. Nothing less. As long they are just different, and not plain lazy.

Here’s to patience… My rediscovered, unabated patience. How much I missed it! Let’s celebrate :)

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2 Responses to Why I love my job

  1. I totally agree… People should only be treated different, and not labeled by prenotions…

    I am very happy for you that you are loving yourt job.


  2. Tell you what… I am guilty of labeling people. Those that piss me off. I know you know what I mean, considering you have read alll my deleted posts :P


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