Matthewisms (sic!)

I don’t know this man, but I do know I would have loved to be in his class. He is God level (sic)… Seriously!

Edited to add – One link that says it all… More or less I guess. –

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7 Responses to Matthewisms (sic!)

  1. AmitL says:

    OMG-I saw ur comment on Austy's blog and was astonished..Jill/Newton's apple,how're you? You're one of the first bloggers I used to read when I began-great to see u're blogging regularly..will be back to read more!Have a great weekend!:)


  2. Hey Amit! I remember you… And how you didn't particularly like that I dropped out vowels when I typed on YM and blog… LOL!

    How have you been? It's good to see some of the old bloggers still around… Will read you too over the weekend :)


  3. Anil P says:

    That's some stuff to be in class for. I wonder if any of the blokes can afford to fall asleep with such divinity on play.


  4. Is this by any chance being refered to Prof.Mathew from MICA?


  5. P says:

    I've been one of the lucky souls to have attended his lectures! he's a brilliant prof!


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