The good thing about heritage sights is that they don’t change much with times. Went to Mysore after over a decade today, and the sights still brought back memories from the last trip… With mum and dad and aunt and cousins and baby sister. And it brought me a lot of smiles :-)

The only difference though… The last time around, I was the one that needed the most taking care of… And this time around, I was the one taking care. And it felt different. I have grown up I think. Maybe it’s time I started acting my age too :-)

It was a very touristy trip – Mysore Palace and Chamundi Hills are all we saw. It was OK… Touristy at best. Took a total of 4 and a half hours for us to travel from our HAL residence to Mysore Palace, with a one hour pitstop. The summer got to me – not sure when’s a better time to go, because from everything I remember of my trip in the last decade, the October heat is also one of them.

                 Mahishasurmardini Temple at Chamundi Hill

MIL and me getting all touristy at Mysore Palace

But the rockstar of the trip was this place called Kamat on Bangalore-Mysore road. We stopped on our way to Mysore for breakfast – their food is nice and fresh – like most economical South Indian joints. Their innovative patra nu idli was interesting AND delicious. We went back for dinner and the south indian meal was strictly OK. But the ambience is to die for. Very ethnic and pretty. I leave with a picture…

Overall a good, touristy, tiring Saturday trip I say!

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