Indigo Airlines – Why I love it

Much has been said about Indigo Airlines’ affordable, on time service. But my experience with Indigo goes beyond that. It is especially awesome for an impatient, scatterbrain traveller like me. The 101 times that I have travelled on the Bombay – Bangalore route, I have NEVER been disappointed. Their ground staff is efficient, their air staff – extremely courteous, and they are really almost never late! In fact I have landed early a lot of times, thanks to Indigo. In fact last night in spite of terrible air traffic in Bombay, and the bus getting stuck in the middle of the runway because a Singapore Airline was “backing up” (not sure how else I can put it!) I walked out of the airport only 15 minutes later than expected.. I find it a little surprising how they do this flight after flight and other airlines, especially the low cost ones, just can’t!

But that’s not all. Last night, I was travelling back from Bombay with a suitcase and bag-full of fragile things and lots of “crush-able” food. And as expected from the likes of me, I totally forgot all about the fragile tag while checking in my baggage. All my flight I was praying hard, telling God I will fall flat at His feet at Siddhivinayak during my next trip if at least some of my stuff reaches me in one piece. And wonder of wonders- not a scratch, not a crack – not even in the crockery I had hardly packed well!

If you are looking for an airline that’s affordable not at the cost of your patience, Indigo is the way to be (go?). A complete 5/5 for me – I like Indigo a little better than the jazzy airlines too, thanks to its subtle decor and service.

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2 Responses to Indigo Airlines – Why I love it

  1. Varun Yagain says:

    I agree!! And Anjuli Bharghava gives you some more reasons you'd want to fly Indigo next time –


  2. PrianCa says:

    That was a comprehensive post! I must try them out sometime soon :)


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